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Memoir of an APIITian

Chapter III: Beauty and the Leaf

In Jusco, I worked with a girl called Ah Mun. I think I started around May 2003. She is a year older then me and she is my senior staff. Let me, Jiraiya describe about her. Again, she is a year older then me. A high skool graduate from Ipoh. She have a cute round, well not so round, let say round and jovial face. Slim physical appearance. Pretty, or should I say “fit” ;). It was months ago in September 2007 where I’ve learned this word “fit”. A Vietnamese friend Danny taught me. He said pretty girls with nice body and pretty face are simply classified as “fit”. That day, I went out with a girl friend to buy some groceries. When I came back, Danny asked me is she “fit”? I answered him. I answered him. I answered him. Got it? =p. Anyway, she is a girl friend, not girlfriend. Notice the way I use the word. I say “a girl friend” instead of “my girlfriend”. So, there is a very distinctive difference. Lets cut the present and rewind to the past.

Ah Mun boyfriend is from Ipoh as well. He works in Mid Valley as chef or something. Although she is my senior but she never bullied me. Well, maybe I allow her appearance to cloud my judgment, but nevermind I guess =p. Still, she treats me nicely. Note to perverts: In 2003, digi cam technology is kinda expensive and primitive, so I don’t have her picture. You'll get what I mean ;).

Alice is my supervisor. Although Ah Mun is very hardworking, but Alice is very bias on her. I don’t know why. Ah Mun told me because she is “fit”ter then Alice. I have to agree on this statement. Alice is not that “fit”. Her body is “fit” but not her facial. Despite that, Alice treated me far better then she treats Ah Mun. Commented my work and stuff. Even Ah Mun told me about it. But there is no jealousy between us. She knows that Alice is bias on girls “fit”ter then her and prefer guys, even with my chubby out look =p. Maybe I have my own Kekkei Genkai as well, which I don’t realize it myself. Well, I am not interested in describing Alice.

Still, sometimes Ah Mun will leave the work to me while she is stands aside and rest. Her reason was “I am pregnant”. I was 19 at that time. Childish and naive. I believe treating a pregnant lady is a good thing to do. So I allowed her. But came to a time where she will reveal the pregnancy thing was a joke. That joke is kinda reuse and the effectiveness is still there. Naive me.

One of my jobs is to collect the copy of company receipt from each cashier. When the customer buys something, I will write them a receipt and gave to the customer. The receipt has 3 copies. One is the record copy, which stick on the receipt book. The customer gets a company copy and customer copy. Once the customer paid, the cashier will split the receipt, and keep the company copy. While collecting my own company copies, I also used my ninjutsu to collect other company copies. I will then hand to their respective counters and used this method to make friends with them. Especially the counter with “fit” girls =p. Yes, Yes, say it. I also collect for department who acknowledge me as friends. But I got scolded by Ah Mun for doing this. Haha, but I still do it.

During the quiet times, I will go to Kabuto counter and chit-chat with him. That is how we kill time. We have 3 type of shift. Morning shift is 10am to 6pm, afternoon shift is 2pm till 10pm, and full shift is 10am to 10pm. I got mostly afternoon shift and full shift. That Ah Mun took all the morning. I have to admit that she genjutsu me. I complied her orders. Adui…

I enjoyed walking to Kabuto counter. There are 2 “fit” girls working there. Lucky bus3rd. Purposely go there to chit-chat with Kabuto while “trying” to flirting on the girls. Well, I have to admit that time, my ninjutsu is not so great, so, I don’t get good result on that. While Kabuto, with his Kekkei Genkai, does not hit, but got hit instead. Again, lucky bus3rd =p.

Here, let me describe the two “fit” girls in Kabuto’s counter. By the way, Kabuto works in SEED Men. They are Ah May and Cat. Ratings are Ah May the first and Cat the second. Ah May is 2 years my junior. It seems that she came from the same high skool like me. She has a diamond shape face and long hair. Fair skin. “Fit” body. SEED staff requires to wear it company T-Shirt and pants. They are very tight and that show off her body to full potential *drool. Catherine, or Cat, which the name she like to be called, well she has all the attribute Ah May have but I personally ranked her second. Well, if you look at the picture, there is 2 more staff in SEED. I didn’t mention them. Since, ermm…since…let just say the story has to move on;)

I seldom encounter Rock Lee. He was send down to Ladies department, a floor below Men’s Department. Ah Mun allowed me to walk around when it is quiet, but only on the same floor. Still I will find a chance to sneak down to check out Rock Lee. He told me he is observing a chick which we classified as “Evo 3”. If my memory serves me right, her name is Jacqueline. She is classified as “Evo 3” because she wears all black. I think she is approximately 8 – 10 years my senior. But I think her body is “fit”. Her facial can be consider “fit” also. Just the age clouded my ranking. Listen, and listen carefully, she attract Rock Lee attention, and mine(ofcoz) for a reason. Listen again, her genjutsu was wearing the pants at lower hip level where her red thong is EXTREMELY visible to the NAKED eye. That was her genjutsu. I forgot how I got her name. Somehow, I just went there and hit on her with ninjutsu and get acquainted.


Jiraiya – Vincent Joey T.
Kabuto – WindWalker
Rock Lee – giasens
Ah Mun - As Herself
Alice - As Herself
Danny - As Himself
Ah May - As Herself
Ah Cat - As Herself
Jacqueline - As Herself

Review: Chapter III

This chapter explores my personality is almost, and I say almost similar to this character Jiraiya in Naruto Universe. One if them is:

Jiraiya enjoys finding pretty chiq company
I enjoy accompany pretty chiqs

Jiraiya is a mischieve person
I am a mischif person myself

Anyway, I would like to inform the reader that this memoir is nothing but the truth in my point of view ONLY. Ok, I admit, I fabricated a few facts as well =p. The reason was to make it a little humorous and also to avoid hurting anyone. Still my writing contradicts the claims I made. After all, this is my blog, until I am ordered by the higher authority to stop writing then I shall comply, else, I’ll write what I want =p. The first few chapters demonstrated the light moment of my life. But in the later chapters, darker moment in my life could be published in order complete this memoir. Thanks for reading anyway =p.


Ninjutsu = Ninja Technique. In Naruto universe, ninjutsu is compromised of offensive and defense technique. Mostly it is physical technique like manipulating Fire Element can cast fireball, which is an offensive technique or using Earth Element to cast mud wall as defensive technique. In my memoir, I simply used it to describe some normal technique =p

Genjutsu = literally means Illusionary Technique. In Naruto universe, genjutsu is also a offensive and defensive technique but it is a mind technique rather then physical. Even thou it is an illusion, but the mind make it real, so it still hurts. But in my memoir, anything illusionary is consider genjutsu =p.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Memoir of an APIITian

Chapter II: Once upon a time in Jusco

There was a speckie pretty girl in front of my counter. I don’t really know what her name is. I dare not to approach her to make friends. I am those common shy type of guy =p.

It was around May 2003. I had to wait 3 more months before I begin my Chuunin training in Konohagure. Currently I am working at Jusco @ Mid Valley. Selling belts. Well a graduated Genin like me is performing such an idiotic work…how shameful… Still I actually enjoy the peaceful non forcing life here.

That speckie girl wasn’t there anymore. She belongs to Padini counter. I was hoping to see her again. But she wasn’t there anywhere. I don’t know where she went. Well after a few days, I used my ninjutsu and make friends with the other worker in Padini. Then I found out she had left and pursuing her study in Malaya Village. If I had used my ninjutsu earlier…nevermind…

During the course of my mission aka work, I met a shinobi. His name is Kabuto.

Kabuto is also a speckie. A shinobi with great skill on audio. That time, I was queuing to sign out. All Jusco staff has to sign out before they can leave the premises. But the queue is very long. I was standing quite front of the queue because I got there quite early. Kabuto was very far away. Kim Fatt, a friend from my early school before I joined Konoha, knew Kabuto. He asked Kabuto to join my queue. From there, we became friends.

Kabuto, a part from his audio knowledge, he got something which I might perceive as Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limit in English. Girls are easily fall to him from my observation. This skill, is something I really wanted and jealous about it (Sorry WindWalker =p). I found out he is also a shinobi from Konoha, but in KL Branch.

A month later, Rock Lee was brought into Jusco. We work in different department. I enjoyed his company. Allow me to introduce this character in brief.

Rock Lee, a genius in programming ninjutsu. A quick learner. He understood how programming logic work much earlier then most people. Someone who don’t really play any game at all. Maybe that what makes a genius. To be honest, he is sarcastic like Orochimaru as well. But not as powerful as him but still, a sarcastic fella. To be honest, I forgot how we became friends. But some how we became friend –end-

Early 2002, he fetch me to Konoha. I was that time, no viable transport to Konoha, so I need to take those slow mo train which is very frustrating. Thanks Rock ;). I repay his generosity by fetching him to Jusco. The place we work. So, he med Kabuto and we 3 are friends also.

In the middle of the story, Sasori also came to Jusco. I’ve forgot which department he joined. Maybe the same with Rock Lee, but I am not very sure. He just worked for a few days and left. I also forgot if he even met Kabuto. It was so long ago. Today is 11th October 2007, which is approximately 4 years ago.

Kabuto once told me he wanted to join Konoha TPM by 2004. But I told him I will be in by 2003 August. Somehow, I think I influence him to join me in Konoha by 2003. Unofficially I took him to Konoha by 2003 if you wanna put it this way.


Jiraiya – Vincent Joey T.
Kabuto – WindWalker
Rock Lee – giasens
Sasori – JK Stealth
Kim Fatt – Kim Fatt
Speckie Padini Girl – Unknown Speckie Padini Girl
Padini Workers – Plain Jane Padini Worker

Review: Chapter II

Thanks again for reading this memoir. Here I will review about the Chapter II of my memoir. Since Chapter I review covers a lot of Naruto terms, I think this review won’t be that long

WindWalker is from APIIT, but KL Branch
Kabuto is a Konoha shinobi

WindWalker is a speckie
Kabuto is a speckie

I am sorry but to think that WindWalker choosing to be Kabuto really have almost the same physical appearance =p. Bagus =p.

WindWalker and his audio fondness
Kabuto was a spy from Sound Village belongs to Orochimaru

WindWalker Bloodline Limit for girls to fall to him =p
Kabuto Bloodline Limit to spontaneous regenerate

giasens the programming whiz
Rock Lee the Taijutsu expert

Sorry giasens, you pick the character which I find less similarity to you. Maybe the next chapter will cover you more?

Although JK Stealth came to Jusco and work for a while, his character Sasori didn’t encounter us until the earlier new chapter of Naruto Shippuden.


Kekkei Genkai = Bloodline Limits. In Naruto, several characters manifest such ability from their lineage. There is a lot of ability classified as Bloodline Limit in Naruto universe. This ability belongs solely to the member of a clan. One of the famous Bloodline Limit is Byakugan = White Eye. This ability belongs to Hyuuga clan. It allows the user to have vision of 360 degree and can see thru the user body like an X-ray. That is just a brief sum up of that ability.

Well this sums up the new chapter. Thanks again for reading.

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Review: Chapter I

Thanks for reading my so called memoir. Please leave some comment ya =p. This entry will cover the similarity between the Naruto stories written by Mashashi Kishimoto. I will also translate some word I used which is unfamiliar by the people who never watch Naruto.

Me and Chip were students in APIIT
Jiraiya and Orochimaru were both Sannin from the Village of Leaf

Me and Chip sort of rivalry during Diploma times =p
Jiraiya rivalry against Orochimaru during the Genin times.

APIIT was known as one of the best IT institute
Leaf Village was one of the strongest in Fire Country

Me and Chip are good friends ;)
Jiraiya and Orochimaru are good friends too

Giasens, Ripin, Me, and Chip are from APIIT. Well, JK Stealth also in APIIT but his character is not. Damn, I forgot why I put him as Sasori of the Red Sand.
Rock Lee, Itachi, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru are from Leaf Village. But Sasori is from Sands Village. Maybe I need to ignore some facts from Naruto and change it to fit my memoir =p.

Jiraiya is extremely perverted and he is a novelist, writing adult stories =p
I am perverted as far as my friends perceive =p (Yes I admit). Novelist, yea, I enjoy writing as much as Jiraiya. But I write science fiction and fantasy stories, NOT adult stories…

Orochimaru is a genius back then. He enjoy doing genetic experiment to obtain unnatural powers.
Chip is has vast knowledge about PC and cars. He enjoy overclocking his PC to obtain unnatural performance =p. Later on, “overclocking” his car to obtain the “dark side” performance. =p.

Sai Seng is a programming genius
Rock Lee is a hard working genius

I am sorry but Itachi was chosen by Ripin himself. I dunno wat similarity between him and Itachi =p.

I also forgot other similarity between giasens and Rock Lee. Sorry giasens =p

JK is also has vast knowledge on cars
Sasori is the best puppet master.

Jiraiya left the Leaf Village when he was a Jounin.
Vincent left APIIT after he got his Level 2.


Shinobi = Ninja. I found that Ninja are usually referred to as shinobi instead of ninja. Shinobi was a Japanese word referring the people who employ stealth and assassination around the 8th century. While the word Ninja is used around the World War II. Let just say, Shinobi is old word while Ninja is new word =p.

Leaf Village = Konohagure. If I am right, Konoha means Leaf. Gure (read something like goo-rare) means Village. Because when they say Sunagure, I know Suna means. So I deduct Gure means Village. Also because they were translated in English subtitle.

Konoha= Leaf. I just explained above.

Suna= Sand. Again, it is explained above.

Genin = literally means Low Ninja. It is a ranking of shinobis. So in real sense means Low Rank Ninja

Chuunin = literraly means Middle Ninja. So it will be Middle Ranking Ninja

Jounin = literally means High Ninja = High Ranking Ninja

Sannin = literally means God Ninja = God Ranking Ninja

Well, this concludes the entry. See you again on next chapter.

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Memoir of an APIITian

Chapter 1: I was a Leaf...

Around March 2002, I have joined the Village of Leaf. In Fire Country, the Leaf shinobi is known the be strongest. By the way, my name is Jiraiya. Today is the 8th of October 2007. 5 years has pass since, the good old days. I am currently reside in the Country of Winter. It has been almost 3 years I left the Fire Country to fulfill my oath.

I remember when I first met Orochimaru. How should I put it…a genius, right, he is a genius, and also an arrogant Bus3rd =p. I never knew who he really is, his real character is shielded by his sarcasm. Back then I enjoy to talk a lot. I enjoy being on the stage and being some pope and making a fool of myself. But Orochimaru, never really liked my attitude. And in retaliation, I myself don’t like him. Although we are genins in the same platoon, but me and him seldom communicates.

I’ve just finished my long term mission today. Although I have not sleep for a long time, I don’t feel like I wanna lay down and sleep. I just decided to write this memoir, reminding me of the good old days.

That time, around December 2002, I remember going to Mid Valley to watch Lord of the Ring with Itachi, Orochimaru, Sasori, Rock Lee, and 1 more Konoha shinobi. By that time, we have become friends. Below is my photo when I was in Mid Valley.

Yea, this is me. I forgot who took my photo back then. I also don’t know why I look like this. It just me. As time pass by, Konohagure has moved to a new location known as TPM.

Somewhere around April or May, we have finally graduated as and proceed to be Chuunin. Here, below is a photo where we all gather in F1 Puchong, celebrating our graduation.

"We are proud shinobi of Team DF0221"

Jiraiya - Vincent Joey T.
Orochimaru - Chip
Itachi - Ripin Kusuma
Sasori - JK Stealth
Rock Lee - giasens
Leaf Shinobi - Shahdril

Sunday, August 05, 2007

F.E.A.R. again

Well, just wanna post a little more of “fear” =p Notice the flame? She is trying to kill me. All I can do is to run away. Note that conventional weapon will do her no harm.

This little girl in red is very mischief. She like to scare you by popping out of a sudden and disappears with a fade sinister laugh. I don't know she is trying to scare me to death or just bored.

This scene is the best. As I have told you from the previous post, my top left indicator detects "Unknown Origin" signals, she might pop out. When I was watching the surveillance camera, I saw one of my missing team mate walk pass the hallway. Then this "fear" slowly rise from the bottom of the screen and the camera went offline. Her head covers the entire screen and the slow rise up from the screen gave me a familiar feeling of "The Ring".

I took the lift. Once the indicator detected her presence, the light in the lift starts flickering and she appears for a split seconds. Within the split second when the light went off, she is gone. I am carrying a very powerful weapon but I cannot do anything.

This one shocked me when she just crawl out like Ju-On at a very high speed and disappears. Damn this "fear".

The left adult is the female hostage I just rescued. The power went off and the lift stopped at 13th floor. I went out to reactivate the power as you can see from the word "activate" on the screen. Went I look at the lift, this "fear" appeared and seems to walks towards the female hostage. The door closed and the power went back online.

Well, thanks for reading this crap. More serious post next time ;)